Kristen Kieffer - Teacher: Storytelling With Scrivener

My name is Kristen Kieffer, and I'm not a Scrivener expert. I am a writer. 

A writer who has used Scrivener on a near-daily basis for years to write novels and non-fiction books, draft blog posts, essays, and video lessons, craft workbooks and e-courses, and otherwise live my best writing life. 

Prior to using Scrivener, I spent most of my writing time frantically switching between documents, searching out the right scenes in the right drafts and the right notes to match. Sure, I kept my files as organized as possible, but there's only so much a few folders can do. 

I couldn't easily search my documents to find which characters were in which scenes. I couldn't view two drafts of the same chapter without fumbling between file windows, and I couldn't figure out how the heck I was supposed to finish a novel without frustrating myself into an early grave. 

Then I discovered Scrivener, and it revolutionized my writing life. And I'm excited to show you how it can do the same with our Storytelling With Scrivener video course.